Benefits Of A Grill With A Viewing Window

When you browse different outdoor gas grills at your local store, you'll see that the lid design can vary considerably from model to model. Some lids have a viewing window, which is a panel of glass that runs horizontally across the front of the lid. There are lots of features for you to think about when you shop for a new outdoor grill, but you may wish to consider buying a model that is equipped with a viewing window. Here are some benefits of this useful feature, which is available on a number of different outdoor grills.

Monitor Flare-Ups

When you're grilling, you need to watch for flare-ups. This is especially true when you're cooking a high-fat food, as the fat that drips onto the burner can cause flames that shoot upward. Flare-ups can char your food to an undesired level, affecting its flavor and moistness. A big benefit of having a grill with a viewing window is that it allows you to watch for flare-ups. When you stand in front of the unit with the lid down, you can look through the window and notice if any flare-ups are occurring. Upon seeing them, you can open the lid and take action by spraying them with water or moving the food around.

Keep The Lid Closed

People enjoy checking on the progress of the food that they're grilling. With a conventional grill, you need to open the lid to see your food. The problem with doing so is that you lose a lot of heat each time you open the lid. This is especially a concern when it's a cold or windy day, as it can take time for the space under the lid to heat up again once you close the lid. Having a viewing window allows you to track the progress of the food without opening the lid and cooling down the cooking area nearly as much.

Entertain Your Guests

When you grill for a gathering that you're hosting at your home, your guests will often arrive, walk out to your patio or deck, and be curious to see what you're cooking. With a conventional grill, guests may want you to open the lid to reveal the food, which can be disruptive if you're dealing with other matters at the time. When you have a grill that includes a viewing window, your guests can easily peek through the window and see what's on the menu without opening the grill lid. Visit your local grilling store to learn more about the benefits of an outside gas grill with a viewing window.

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