Consider These Factors When You Shop For A Balcony Grill

If you've recently moved into a condo unit and are ready to furnish your balcony, outdoor cooking should be something on your mind. Many condos allow residents to have grills on their balconies, so you'll want to check your building's policy before you start to shop. Provided that barbecues are permitted, it can be fun to evaluate different barbecue models to find one that will suit this space. Shopping for a barbecue for a condo balcony presents a few challenges, but a store that carries a wide selection of outdoor cooking equipment will have the device that you want. Here are three factors to think about as you shop.  


Perhaps more than anything, you'll need to be mindful of the size of grill that you buy for your condo balcony. While large barbecues can be exciting in wide-open outdoor spaces, such as patios and decks, you'll likely need to stay away from anything too big in this scenario. You don't want to cut down on too much of your available balcony space, so it's ideal to look for a compact product. There are many options on the market that have a small footprint. One of these barbecues will not only take up minimal balcony space but will also be easy to get through the door if you wish to store it indoors over the winter.

Fuel Source

You'll also need to think about what fuel source the barbecue should have. Some condos prohibit the use of charcoal barbecues on balconies because of the fire risk. If this is a rule where you live, your other options will be propane and natural gas. Check if your balcony has a hook-up for natural gas. This fuel source can be favorable because it means that you won't have to carry a heavy propane tank from your vehicle to your balcony each time you refill it.


Wheels can be a useful feature on all sorts of grills, but they can especially come in handy when you're shopping for a unit for your balcony. Given the balcony's limited space, you might want to store the barbecue against a wall and then bring it out when you're using it. Having wheels below the barbecue will make this movement much easier. Wheels on each of the barbecue's four feet, rather than on just two feet, will further improve your ability to move it around. Keep these points in mind as you shop for the right grill for your balcony.

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