Saving Money With Scratch And Dent Products For Your Home

When shopping for new appliances or other expensive furnishings for your home, scratch and dent products can often save you a significant amount of money and usually are not overly expensive to repair. A panel on a refrigerator with a small dent or a scratch in the paint on a stove that is otherwise perfect may be able to be hidden once it is installed, or you may be able to fix the damage yourself, so the products look great in your home.

Small Appliance Repairs

Appliances are one of the biggest ticket items in most homes, and when you need to replace one that has stopped working, the cost can be hard to manage if it is unexpected. You could opt for an appliance that is not as nice as the one you are replacing to keep the cost down, or you may want to consider scratch and dent appliances that are discounted for cosmetic issues but still perform flawlessly. 

Scratch and dent appliances work as they are supposed to and are safe to use, but they often have a small dent in a panel or some missing paint that you can touch up to restore the look. The manufacturer or the dealer that has these items in stock often does not want to repair them, so selling the appliance at a price well below the retail value is one way to move the product without the cost of the repairs.

The discounts can be significant, and if you are up to the task, you can find ways to deal with minor imperfections and get a great appliance for a fraction of the cost of a new one. This can be extremely helpful if you need to replace a stove or refrigerator when you don't have a lot in savings or have much room in your budget for the expense. 

Superficial Damage

The local home center or home improvement store will typically carry some appliance paint that you can use to repair a section of your appliances if they are damaged. A refrigerator with a scratch down the side can be sanded smooth, and then a spray paint intended for appliances can be applied, making your scratch and dent appliance look brand new.

It is crucial to get the right paint color, or you may need to mask and paint the entire appliance, but this can allow you the opportunity to express your style in your kitchen. Just be sure to check the damage carefully before purchasing scratch and dent appliances because some damage is more expensive to repair, and that appliance may not be a good deal no matter what the discount. 

A dent along the side of a stove may not matter if you install the stove between some cupboards or if the metal panel is easily removed, allowing you to bang the dent out from the back to restore the panel to near new condition.

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