How To Choose Where To Install A Gas Fireplace

If you're planning to install a gas fireplace in your home, you may first assume you'll install it in the living room. But not everyone's living room is the ideal room for a gas fireplace. In some cases, a bedroom, family room, or even kitchen may be the room best suited for a gas fireplace installation.

Here are some questions to help you decide which room in your home is the one that most needs a gas fireplace.

1. Which room is chilly?

A gas fireplace uses real flames, which means it can produce some heat. The heat typically isn't enough to heat an entire medium-sized-to-large house, but it can help keep at least one room nice and cozy. If you have a bedroom or family room that tends to be extra chilly, installing the gas fireplace in that room could be a benefit for not just style but also comfort.

Now, you don't want to install the fireplace in a room that you don't spend much time in (like a laundry room or mudroom). But if one of the main rooms in your house tends to be extra cold in winter, that should be a consideration when installing your fireplace.

2. Which room do you like to relax in?

Another benefit of a gas fireplace is that it produces mesmerizing, relaxing flickering flames. Watching a gas fireplace can be a very soothing activity. You'll want to place the fireplace in a room where you like to relax and unwind after a long day. Make sure it's placed prominently in a spot where you can easily watch it from a comfortable spot such as your sofa or armchair.

3. Which room needs a conversation-starting centerpiece?

Finally, your gas fireplace can be a great conversation piece to impress and fascinate guests. So when thinking about where to install the fireplace, consider which rooms tend to be used when you're entertaining. If you hope to use the gas fireplace in this way, a bedroom is probably not going to be where you'll want to install it. But the living room, family room, or even dining room or kitchen could be options, depending on your home's layout.

These are just some of the questions you can ask to help decide where you most need to install a gas fireplace. In some cases, you may realize that you hope to use the fireplace for multiple different uses that need different locations for optimal effect. In this case, you may want to install multiple fireplaces, one in each of the locations. Get in touch with a gas fireplace retailer today to discuss which gas fireplace you're looking for.

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