Six Mistakes To Avoid When Purchasing Laundry Machine Equipment For Your Business

One of the most important tasks to take care of when starting up a commercial laundry room is to equip it with the right laundry equipment. Making mistakes in selecting and purchasing equipment can make it significantly more difficult to achieve a successful commercial laundry operation.

The following are six mistakes to avoid when purchasing laundry machine equipment for your business. 

Failing to invest in energy-efficient models

When it comes to laundry equipment, energy efficiency pays off in the long run. Laundry equipment requires a lot of water and electricity to run. This pushes up the utility expenses of your commercial operation and cuts into your bottom line as a result. 

Energy-efficient laundry machine models pay for their added initial costs in utility savings. 

Not looking into leasing options

You don't necessarily have to buy laundry machine equipment for your commercial facility outright. You may find that it's more financially wise to lease the laundry equipment you need. Look into leasing options before you purchase any laundry machine equipment outright. 

Not looking into used equipment

Another thing you might want to consider is purchasing used laundry equipment. Used laundry equipment can be more affordable for young businesses than purchasing new equipment. Buying used can help you to conserve your capital and keep cash flow healthy at your growing company. 

Having no equipment that's ADA compliant

Having ADA-compliant equipment available can help you to cater to more customers in your community. Making ADA-compliant equipment available shows that you care about your customers and want to be able to serve the handicapped community. 

Shop around and you are likely to find ADA-compliant equipment that doesn't cost too much more than standard laundry equipment. 

Being unaware of the maintenance needs of equipment you purchase

Keeping up with maintenance is essential for protecting the investment you make in your equipment. Ideally, you should sign up for a maintenance contract with a laundry machine service technician in your area. This way, you'll stay on schedule with needed laundry equipment maintenance and could enjoy discounts on maintenance services. 

Neglecting to take careful measurements of equipment dimensions before purchase

You need to plan out your commercial laundry room carefully. Most likely, you need to equip the space with multiple laundry machines. In this case, you need to keep track of dimensions and figure out how many laundry machines you can fit.

Having more laundry machines available could make your commercial enterprise more profitable. This means that it's important to plan out the placement of your machines carefully within your available space. To learn more, contact a company like CG West.

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